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Eugene, Oregon 97402

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Board Meeting Minutes                                                    August 16, 2010

Applegate Elementary                                                          7:00 PM



6:30 PM         Executive Session (Non Public Session)  Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations.


7:00 PM         Meeting was called to order by board Chair, Jeff Ramp at 7:07 PM.  Directors present were Troy Wilson, Denice Goodheart, Darren Willits, Dean Livelybrooks was absent.  Staff present: Kathy Davis, Tracy Engholm, Mary Houle’, Steve Grube, Superintendent, Susan Nakaba and Administrative Assistant, Lee Ann Hartwig.  Patrons present: Marty Gray, Margaret Ream, Lisa Gray, Nicole Gray, Shayla Ream, Katherine Engholm, Adrienne Bragg, Paula Bloom, Kyle Rolnick, Tom Giesen, Chelsea Woodrum, Pam Kersgaard, Tina Osborne, Lil Thompson, Samantha Bolsinger, and Wendy Manning.


                        II          Agenda was reviewed


III         Comments were heard from the patrons present regarding the class schedules at Crow High School, Concerns were expressed regarding how the schedules were done and discussion was held regarding loss of classes at the high school due to budget cuts, etc.  Superintendent, Susan Nakaba expressed that both here and Ron would be available to work individually with parents and students to provide the best fit.


IV        Superintendent, Susan Nakaba thanked the Maintenance and Custodial departments for the fine work they had done over the summer on the buildings. 


Board Chair, Jeff Ramp spoke to patrons and board regarding the all school class reunion held August 14, 2010 at Crow High School, the new roof on the grange, and concerns of the district for the 2010/2011 school year.




V.                 Action Items:


a.                  Consent Agenda


Moved by Darren Willits, seconded by Troy Wilson and carried 4-0-1 to approve the following consent items.

§         June 16, 2010 Board Minutes

§         June 2010 Check Register

§         Non Discrimination Policy


Jeff Ramp was reelected as Board Chair and Denice Goodheart as Vice Chair with a 4-0-1 vote.


Moved by Denice Goodheart and seconded by Troy Wilson, carried 4-0-1 to accept the memorandum of agreement with Shari McCall to fulfill her early retirement agreement of 20 sub days in the first year 2010/2011.


Moved by Denice Goodheart, seconded by Troy Wilson to accept the agreement with LCC for the Calculus class offered at Crow High School. Motion carried 4-0-1.


VI        Discussion Items:


Jeff Ramp informed the board of the news paper that is reopening in the place of the West Lane News and that the district would be supporting this paper again as the paper of records for the district.


VII       Information Items:


Ř      Board Goals

Ř      Work session scheduled for August 24, 5:00 for board Dinner provided for board.


Meeting adjourned at 8:16 PM