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Board Minutes                                                                          April 11, 2011

Applegate Elementary                                                               7:00 PM




6:30 PM           Executive Session (Session under the authority of ORS 192-660) (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations



Meeting was called to order by Board Chair Jeff Ramp at 7:05 PM.  Present were directors, Dean Livelybrooks, Troy Wilson, Denice Goodheart, and Darren Willits.  Staff Present: Superintendent, Susan Nakaba, Director Business Services, Lee Ann Hartwig, Paula May, Kathy Davis, Nicole Glenn, Jamie Ledgerwood, and Ron Osibov.  Patrons: Rob Herbison, Pam Kersgaard, and Kyle Rolnick.  Special Guests, Anne Summers, and Dr. John Baumann.


II          Agenda Review


III        Public Comment on Non Agenda Items- Anne Summers and Dr. John Baumann spoke to the board regarding a program “Healthy in Oregon” that they would like the CAL School District to pilot possibly next year that works towards the impact exercise and nutrition have on brain function and education throughout our life spans.   Possible meeting with staff at a later date to discuss this program can be scheduled.


IV        Reports


a)      Nicole Glenn, Paula May, and Jamie Ledgerwood spoke to the board on Project Based Learning and how it works into the daily teaching at Lorane Elementary.  Discussion was held that although they had not been able to do it this year they would like to possibly see it happen again when staff moves from Lorane to Applegate.

b)      No student representative at this time

c)      Principal Ron Osibov, addressed the board regarding the various spring sports getting underway and the field trips to “SPLASH”, and “Portland Art Museum.”  On March 31, 2011 the high school housed the 45th Distinguished Service Awards with the Culinary Class putting together the desserts.   Ron also spoke with the board regarding the late start held April 6th, 2011 and the various workshops held.  (see report)

d)      Superintendent, Susan Nakaba spoke to the board regarding adding 4 late starts to the 2011/2012 Calendar so that staff could meet together.  Six were planned this year and have worked well but only 4 would be needed next year.

e)      Board Chair Jeff Ramp wanted to personally acknowledge our selected 2010/2011 Classified and Certified staff members Donna Willits and Dinah Galloway.  Also Victoria and Travis Wilson as “Future First Citizen’s” for 2010/2011.  She also discussed preparation being done for the 2011/2012 budget.


V         Consent Agenda


a)                  Action Items


Moved by Dean Livelybrooks, seconded by Denice Goodheart and carried 5-0 to accept the following action items on the consent agenda: March 14, 2011 Board Minutes, March 2011 District Check Register, Retirement of Maintenance Personnel, Terry Trujillo, CAL District audit 20209/2010, Late start dates for 2011/2012, October 5th, 2011, December 7th, 2011, February 8th, 2012, and April 4th 2012.


b)                  Superintendent Evaluation


Moved by Darren Willits, seconded by Troy Wilson and carried 5-0 to accept the Superintendents Evaluation showing Strength and Growth in areas.


c)                  First Reading of JFG-AR –Search and Seizure


VI        Discussion Items:


o       Web Base Feed Back System-Dean- Possible tracking for issues and concerns or complaints.



Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM