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Board Meeting Minutes                                                                          January 9, 2012

Crow High School                                                                                7:00 PM


6:00 PM          Executive Session (Session under the authority of ORS 192-660) (1) Personnel


Meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks, at 7:04 PM.  Directors present: Darren Willits, Troy Wilson, Jeff Ramp, and Doug Perry.  Patrons present: Kyle Rolnick, Linda Lay, Lee Ann Eastlick, Diane Diess.  Staff:  Principal, Ron Osibov, District Service Mgr. Lee Ann Hartwig.


II         Agenda Review


III        Public Comment on Non Agenda Items


IV         Reports


a)              Student Representatives- None

b)             Principal, Ron Osibov, spoke to the board regarding the ASB working to complete the fencing project around the school.  They have scheduled February 3, 2012 as another day to work on the posts and the wiring.  Homecoming is next week and it is a 4 day work week.  The high school conducted a drug lockdown and no items were found in any lockers.  The lockdown included the middle school wing as well.

c)              Superintendent, Susan Nakaba was not present

d)             Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks, spoke to the board regarding the work session held January 7, 2012 and presented the minutes of that meeting (see attached).  The Vision Committee will meet either January 28, or January 30, 2012 after the members are polled to what works with their schedules best.


V          Action Items


a)              Resignation Susan Nakaba


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Doug Perry and carried 5-0 to accept the resignation of Superintendent, Susan Nakaba for 2012/2013, and approve her working at home the remainder of her contract for the 2011/2012 school year.


b)             Consent Agenda


Moved by Darren Willits, seconded by Troy Wilson, and carried 5-0 to accept the December 2011 Regular Board Meeting Minutes and the December 2011 Check Register as submitted to the board.

c)              Resolution Support Small District Grant


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by, and carried 5-0 to accept the Resolution Support Small School Grant as submitted to the board.


d)             RDI Contract


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Troy Wilson and carried 5-0 to accept the contract with RDI for $8,000.00. (Grant with Ford Foundation if approved for $5,000.00 being applied for).


                        VI         Discussion Items:


¯  Open Enrollment- February 13, 2012 Board Meeting

¯  Donation Status



VII       Information Items:


¯  Next Regular Board Meeting February 13, 2012



Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM