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Board Meeting Minutes                                                                      September 10, 2012

Crow High School                                                                                7:00 PM



6:30 PM            Executive Session (Session under the authority of ORS 192-660) (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations (3) Legal


                        Meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks at 7:00 PM.  Present were directors, Darren Willits, Troy Wilson, Doug Perry, and Jeff Ramp.  Staff present were Superintendent, Dr. Eileen Palmer, District Service Manager, Lee Ann Hartwig, Principal, Ron Osibov.   Patrons present: Connie Loveall, Sharon Kester, Kyle Rolnick, Linda Wickwire, Kathy Holvey, Kathy Drullinger, and special guest Brian Corcoran from the district insurance company Beecher Carlson.


                        II         Agenda Review


                        III        Public Comment on Non Agenda Items


                        The Lorane Charter School Steering Committee submitted to the Board and Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks, their proposal to open a Charter School in Lorane.  It was noted and agreed that it would be received on 9/11/12 as the initial date of receiving the document.  The board and Superintendent will be reviewing these documents with the appropriate legal counsel.


                        IV         Reports


1)              Student Representatives


Casey Willits and Gabriel Baune spoke to the board regarding the ASB working on the final stage of the cable project on October 13, 2012 and that Fall Homecoming is the week of 9/24-9/28 with a dance on 9/29/12.  The high school will be working toward a food drive to be held around Thanksgiving.


2)              K-12 Principal Ron Osibov


No report submitted at this time.


3)              Superintendent- Dr. Eileen Palmer


Superintendent, Dr. Eileen Palmer spoke to the board regard the districts budget, the state funding that will be out in October 2012 and information regarding PERS rate change for 2013/2014.   The rate for the PERS increase will be 24% which would be an addition to the district budget of $72,000.00.


Currently the Cove has 4 students and will be reviewing an additional 2 more coming over from Fern Ridge that will be under contract with the district.


November 8-11 2012 is the OSBA Conference to be held in Portland that all board members are welcome to attend. 


State assessments are coming out and the board and district need to be aware that they could be low due to how the assessments are now being scored.


4)              Board Chair- Dean Livelybrooks had no report at this time


5)              Beecher Carlson – Brian Corcoran


Brian Corcoran, agent for the districts insurance spoke to the board regarding the closure of Lorane Elementary and that CAL is not unique in having to do this that a number of schools are being faced with this same issue.  That it is important for the district to protect itself with making sure the following items are taken care of or possibly considered as a solution.


o   Shut water off to buildings to avoid freezing pipes.

o   Maintain heat of a minimum of 40%.

o   Either maintain playground equipment or remove it.

o   Log and date all inspections done on closed building.

o   Hire a caretaker.

o   Lease buildings making sure that insurance responsibility is transferred to leaser.

o   Post No Supervision signs.

o   Check with OSBA Pre Loss Legal Team first and foremost before decisions are finalized.


V          Action Items:


a)              Consent Agenda


¤  Approval of August 13, 2012 Regular Board Meeting Minutes.

¤  Approval of District Check Register for August 2012


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Doug Perry, and carried 5-0 to accept the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of August 13, 2012 and the check register for August 2012.


b)             District Goals


Moved by Darren Willits, seconded by Troy Wilson and carried 5-0 to accept the District Goals as submitted to the board.


            c)         Classified and Certified Contracts


Moved by Doug Perry, seconded by Darren Willits, and carried 5-0 to accept the Certified Contract 2012/2013 from LUBC as submitted to the board in a Memorandum of Understanding stating a $25.00 increase in CertifiedŐs insurance cap only, retroactive to July 1, 2012. 


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Doug Perry and carried 5-0 to accept the agreement with the Classified Union and the CAL School District to reflect a 1% increase with no increase to the insurance cap retroactive to July 1, 2012.


d)    Administrative Contracts


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Darren Willits and carried 4-0-1 to accept an increase in salary for Ron Osibov and Mike Proffitt as reflected in the budget, retroactive to July 1, 2012.  Dean Livelybrooks abstained.


VI         Discussion Items:


The Board discussed in detail the district properties and directed the Superintendent to continue to research the land and investigate the titles of both elementary school properties. 


Discussion was held regard whether the acreage around both Lorane Elementary and Applegate Elementary should be considered as no longer usable properties, how they are divided and how many parcels are currently divided at each site.


Discussion was held regarding funds generated from the sale of properties to be used for repairs on current buildings.


VII       Information Items:


¤  Next Board Meeting October 8, 2012 7:00 PM



Meeting Adjourned at 9:03