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Board Meeting Minutes                                                                      October 8, 2012

Crow High School                                                                                7:00 PM



6:30 PM            Executive Session (Session under the authority of ORS 192-660 (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations (3) Legal (4) Students Records


                        Meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks at 7:03 PM.  Directors present: Jeff Ramp, Darren Willits, Troy Wilson and Doug Perry.  Staff present, Superintendent Eileen Palmer, District Service Mgr. Lee Ann Hartwig, Principal, Ron Osibov.  Patrons: Nolan Sheid, Lynnette Sheid, Linda Wickwire, Samantha Scheid, Kathy Drullinger, Candy Middaugh, Gary, Thompson, Lil Thompson, Jim Edwards, Pat Edwards, Georgann Squire, Bruce McDonald, Beneda McDonald, Connor Reardon, Marissa Cooper, Margaret McNutt, Rob Herbison, Loyd Fultz, Kyle Rolnick, Liam Reardon and Beth Robinson.


                        II         Agenda Review


                        III        Public comment on Non Agenda Items:


                        Discussion occurred from the patrons of Lorane regarding the removal of the playground equipment.  They felt the board should have informed them of the removal of the slide and the merry go round. They felt it was done maliciously and without concern to the patrons of Lorane and their overall feelings regarding the school closure.  Bruce McDonald offered to further donate time to remove any other equipment if needed.


                        IV         Reports


1)              No student reports at this time


2)              K-12 Principal Ron Osibov informed the board that he would be updating the District Website and it would be in transformation over the next few weeks.


3)              Superintendent, Eileen Palmer spoke to the board regarding the dates being set for the district newsletter.  The first newsletter is slated to go out to patrons around November 28, 2012. She also discussed the Achievement Compact which takes place over NCLB and consists of 3 certified staff member, 2 classified staff members, Superintendent, Principal and Board Liason.  All meeting will be open to the public and target meeting dates will be set and posted for all to attend.


4)              Board member, Jeff Ramp spoke regard the OSBA and the funding changes from the GovernorŐs office to focus on Normal School funding, School Improvements and Innovative Budget.


V          Action Items:


(A)           Consent Agenda


o   Approval of September 2012, Regular Board Meeting Minutes

o   Approval of September 2012, District Check Register


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Darren Willits, and carried 4-0-1 to accept the September 2012 Board Meeting Minutes and the September 2012 check register as submitted to the board. Jeff Ramp abstained due to conflict with item #1 in account 284 Athletics.  Conflict noted on items 28, 45, and 51 by board members.


(B)           Appointment of Achievement Compact Members


Moved by Troy Wilson, seconded by Darren Willits and carried 5-0 to accept the appointment of the following staff to the Achievement Compact Committee.

1.    Nicole Glenn

2.    Georgann Squire

3.    Michele Kau

4.    Ron Osibov

5.    Diana Osibov

6.    Patty Morrow

7.    Eileen Palmer

8.    Dean Livelybooks


VI         Discussion Items:


Discussion was held regarding the properties of the district that include and surround the Lorane Elementary.  Discussion was made regarding water rights for the Lorane Grange as well as Applegate Elementary water rights for the Crow Grange as well as the location of the working wells on the Lorane properties.


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Doug Perry and carried 5-0 to identify the following District properties (Parcels 1& 2 1900, 1701, and 2000 which includes Lorane Elementary as Non Essential for Educational Use.


VII       Information Items:


The Board identified that they had returned the Charter School Application back to the Lorane Committee as it was incomplete and that they are just waiting to hear back from them.


OSBA Conference will be November 9-11 2012, in Portland for Board members.


COSA Law Conference is December 5-7, 2012 and Eileen, Ron and Lee Ann will be attending various meetings.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:23 PM