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Board Meeting Minutes                                                                                  May 13, 2013

Lorane Grange                                                                                                  7:00 PM


6:30 PM          Executive Session (Session underthe authority or ORS 192-660) (1) Legal (2) Personnel (3) Real Estate/Lorane Elementary


                        Meeting was called to order by Vice Chair, Darren Willits at 7:05 PM.  Absent was Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks.  Directors present were Troy Wilson, Jeff Ramp and Doug Perry.  Staff present: superintendent, Eileen Palmer, Principal, Ron Osibov and District Service Mgr. Lee Ann Hartwig.  Patrons present: Tracy Schwartz, Hilary Willis, Tanner Eastlick, Connie Loveall, Linda Lay, Jenna Lay, Pat and Jim Edwards, Kathy Drullinger, Lynsey Wickwire, Lee Ann Eastlick, Lisa Livelybrooks, Donna Willits, Pat Dixon, Krin Hunt, Marissa Cooper, Margaret McNutt, Beth Robinson, Robert H., Carol Morehead, Gary Morehead, Kari Shafer, Kathleen Rackleff, Cynthia Nickle, Eric Johnson, Troy Jentzsch, Coleen Jentzsch, Kyle Rolnick and Linda Wickwire.


                        I          Flag Salute was held


                        II         Agenda Review


                        III       Public Comment on Non Agenda Items


Beth Robinson asked to speak with the board regarding concerns as well as Linda Lay.  Vice Chair Darren Willits stated they could speak during Discussion Items and placed Linda Lay at #3 and #4 Beth Robinson.


                        IV        Agenda Review


1)              Student Representatives-None



2)              K-12 Principal- Ron Osibov


Principal, Ron Osibov spoke to the board regarding the remaining school calendar events.  (See submitted calendars).  He also spoke regarding the OSAA putting CHS back to 2A.


3)              Superintendent- Eileen Palmer


Superintendent, Eileen Palmer spoke to the board regarding the Budget and current changes in occurring.  She addressed the Concert in the Country that would be occurring at CHS June 6, 2013.  The pep band from the University would be performing for the students and if all worked out we would be seeing the Duck as well as the new Cougar purchased by the student body for Crow High School.


4)              Board Chair- Dean Livelybrooks was absent no report submitted.


5)              District Goals- No reports submitted at this meeting


V          Action Items:


(a)            Consent Agenda


¤  Approval of April 8, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

¤  Approval of April 2013 Check Register

¤  Retirement of Dinah Galloway


Moved by Doug Perry, seconded by Troy Wilson and carried 4-0-1 to accept the Board Minutes of April 8, 2013, and the Check Register of April 2013 as submitted to the board, also accept the retirement letter of Dinah Galloway.


(b)           Superintendent Contract – Motion Tabled till next month



VI        Discussion Items:



1)              Teacher/Administration Evaluation Presentation


Pat Dixon, Krin Hunt, and Lisa Livelybrooks presented to the board the new Teacher/Administration Evaluations that they are working on with Ron Osibov, Krissy Smith, and Nicole Glenn. This is a state requirement that must be implemented next year.


2)              Lorane Tanks


Discussion was held regarding the 3 fuel tanks that have been removed and the leakage of them.  The board was moving forward to finalize cleaning the soil and then reporting back to the board and the DEQ as to the finalization. 


3)              Parent Complaint-Linda Lay


Linda Lay stated to the board that she was representing parents regarding some ongoing complaints they have and that she had compiled a letter addressing them.  Vice Chair, Darren Willits, stated she could read the letter but that no staff names were to be used in her complaint.  Student Tanner Eastlick stated he was concerned regarding a few students using pot at the school and felt it had not been addressed. Jenna Lay stated that student knew when the administrative staff were planning locker checks and would stash the items in their personal cars.  Board Director, Jeff Ramp stated that the district has since developed a policy to search personal vehicles if necessary.  He stated he wanted a safe school for his little brother and this bothered him.  He stated he felt the school was a good school with a few problems.  No documents were submitted to the board at this time.


4)              Concerns: Beth Robinson


Beth Robinson, stated she was concerned regarding the vandalism and tagging that had been done to the vacant Lorane Elementary.  She stated she had a report of used drug paraphernalia.  Board director, Jeff Ramp stated we were considering possibly a caretaker for the property.  Concerns regarding the gym leaking were brought up by Pat Edwards.


5)         Wrestling Presentation- Troy Jentzsch and Chris Laturno presented to the board a graphic printout of the plans for the Wrestling Gym.


                        VII      Information Items:


v  Late Start May 15, 2013

v  Progress Reports Half Day May 17, 2013

v  Spring Sports Concert May 21, 6:30 PM

v  Kindergarten Registration May 23, 3:15 AES

v  Holiday May 27, Memorial Day

v  Senior Recognition May 29th, 7:00 PM

v  Applegate Concert May 30, 7:00

v  6th grade Orientation May 31, 1:30

v  June 2nd Baccalaureate

v  June 4th CMS/CHS Concert AEA

v  Mascot Tryouts June 5th 3:30

v  Concert in the Country June 6, 11-1:00

v  CHS Graduation 7:00 PM

v  June 11, 7:00 8th Grade Recognition

v  June 13, Last Day of School Half Day

v  Retirement Party June 14, 4:00 PM



Meeting Adjourned at 9:12 PM