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Board Meeting                                                                                    January 14, 2013


6:00 PM            Public Meeting was held at the Lorene Grange to discuss the proposal of the Lorene Charter School.  The following charter school members, Board Members, District staff and public were in attendance.  Kathy Drillinger, Sharon Kester, Candy Middaugh, Kathleen Radcliff, Bob Drillinger, Gary Thompson, Connie Lovell, Kim Wilson, Lori Crider, Jen Bloom, Jim Willis, Roberta Miller, Margaret McNutt, Sean Bradshaw, Ron Osibov, Krin Hunt, Patty Morrow, Marty Eshleman, Adam Eshleman, Donna Moore Stan Simonsen, Tara Wigle, Vicki Simonsen, Kim Ramp, Susan Kau, Jennifer Williams, Darrel Kau, Linda Corcoran, Lorena Mitchell, Diana Osibov, Beth Robinson, Tami Bloom, Nolan Scheid, Mayteri Parry, Carol May, Marissa Cooper, Jeanie Doughty, Jami Ledgerwood, Nicole Glenn, Judie Brantley, Barbara & Kenneth Dare, Theresa Burt, William Burt, Brandy Dare, Steve Wickwire, Kyle Rolnick, Sande and Norm Maxwell, Jim Annett, and Lisa Livelybrooks.


                        Kathy Drullinger spoke to the board regarding the proposal to open a Lorane Charter School either housed at Lorane Elementary.  The proposed date for the opening of this charter school would be September 2013.  The following in attendance spoke to the board regarding the proŐs and conŐs of a charter school being developed in the district. Roberta Miller, Marge McNutt, Vick Simonsen, Beth Robinson, Tami Bloom, Nolan Scheid, Kathleen Rackleff, Kyle Rolnick, and Lisa Livelybrooks.  Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks thanked them for their time and identified that no vote would be taken tonight.  The board would review their documents and a decision would be made at the February 11, 2013 regular board meeting.  The board expressed their thanks to Lil and Gary Thompson for opening up the grange to hold this meeting and the refreshments.  Meeting closed and the board went into Executive Session


7:00 PM            Executive Session (Session under the authority of ORS192-660) (1) Negotiations. (Legal)


                        Meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks.  Present were directors, Jeff Ramp, Darren Willits, Troy Wilson and Doug Perry.


                        I           Call to order and Flag Salute


                        II         Agenda Review


                        III        Public Comment on Non Agenda items.  Lil Thompson invited the board and patrons to attend the Spaghetti Feed to be held at the grange on January 26, from 5-6:30 PM.


                        IV         Reports


1)              None from students


2)              Principal, Ron Osibov spoke to the board regarding the Math Instructions Assessment.  Bob Curtis would be returning again on January 16th late start to work with the primary teachers and that Bob Curtis was able to give our district some extra funds to support the math trainings.


3)              Superintendent, Eileen Palmer spoke to the board regarding the Achievement Compact Committee and the now revised target areas.


4)              Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks, spoke to the board regarding having an appraiser out to appraise Lorane Elementary.  He also discussed talking with John Brown, who is a commercial realtor.  More to come next month.


5)              Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks spoke to the board regarding the Achievement Compact and OEEB.  Jeff and Troy spoke regarding the Facilities goal and the spreadsheets Troy is developing to support the facilities goal and building repairs.


                        V          Action Items:


(a)            Consent Agenda


                        Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Troy Wilson and carried 5-0 to accept the

December 2012 Regular Board meeting minutes and the December 2012 check register noting conflicts on #54, 56, and 59.


(b)           Approval of District Budget Audit 2012


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Doug Perry and carried 5-0 to accept the Budget Audit for 2012 as submitted to the board by the audit firm Pauley, Rogers & Company, P.C.



VI         Discussion Items


Memorandum of understanding with the granges on water rights is under review and will be submitted to the districts attorney Joe Richards.  Discussion was held that our attorney Joe Richards would be retiring and his firm would be working to put another associated in charge.


Discussion was held regarding the fuel tanks at Lorane Elementary that were to be drained and removed at a later date.  It was advised that the tanks should be removed before property is sold.  One tank has been drained and the other will need to have the concrete removed from the top of it in order to drain the tank.  The fuel in the tank is old and can only be used for heating in an old shop due to possible contaminations.  Nolan Sheid stated he would be interested in this old fuel.  Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks, advised him to contact Maintenance Supervisor Mike Proffitt regarding the fuel and its removal.


Discussion was held regarding the water tank that set on the schools property.  Jim Bailer should be contacted regarding this water tank that is used for fire purpose.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 PM