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Board Meeting Minutes                                                                      August 14, 2013

Crow High School Library                                                                     7:00 PM


6:00 PM            Executive Session (Session under the authority of ORS 192-660) (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations (3) Legal


                        Meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks at 7:08 PM.  Directors present: Vice Chair, Jeff Ramp, Doug Perry, Troy Wilson, and Austin Bloom.  Superintendent, Eileen Palmer, District Service Mgr. Lee Ann Hartwig, Staff Member: Kim Ramp. Patrons: Kim Ramp, Kari Shafer, Linda Lay, Beth Robinson, Kyle Rolnick, Gary Thompson, and Tracy Schwartz.


                        II         Agenda Review


                        III        Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items


o   Grange Master, Gary Thompson asked again about the progress of the water agreement with the district.  Jeff Ramp will continue to work with the districts attorney Joe Richards on the progress of this agreement.

o   Kari Shafer asked what was going to happen with the YTP program and how it is going to play out for this coming year.  More to come on this program as it develops.

o   Kyle Rolnick asked about the items that the Lorane Committee requested.  Did they receive these items?  More to come on this question as well.



                        V          Action Items:   


a)     Consent Agenda:


o   Approval of Minutes from July 15, 2013 Regular Board Meeting

o   Approval of District Check Register for June/July 2013


Moved by Austin Bloom, seconded by Troy Wilson and carried 5-0 to accept the July 2013 Board Minutes and amended and the District Check Register for June/July 2013 as submitted to the board.  Noting conflict on items #23 and 33 due to payments made to board members spouses.






b)    Approval of new Administrative Staff


o   Aaron Brown- Superintendent/K6 Principal

o   Carla DeShaw-7th-12th Principal


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Doug Perry and carried 5-0 to accept the hiring of Aaron Brown as Superintendent/K-6 Principal and Carla DeShaw as 7th-12th Secondary Principal as named by hiring committee.


The Board wanted to recognize all the help they received in the screening, interviewing and hiring of the new Administrative Staff from current staff and patrons who participated.


c)     Organizational Chart for 2013/2014


a)              Dave Standridge-Business Manager/Deputy Clerk

b)             Lee Ann Hartwig, District Service Manager, and Mike Proffitt, Maintenance Supervisor-Asbestos Management

c)              Aaron Brown, Superintendent/K-6 Principal, Carla DeShaw, 7th-12th Secondary Principal, Lee Ann Hartwig, District Service Manager, Mike Proffitt, Maintenance Supervisor, Donna Willits, District Secretary, designated as Supervisory Confidential and/or Administrative employees to be excluded from the bargaining unit.

d)             Joe Richards of Luvaas, Cobb, Richards and Fraser, PC-Contracted Legal Council.

e)              Aaron Brown, Superintendent, Dave Standridge, Business Manager be authorized signatures on all district accounts.  If one of these persons is not available the board chair is authorized as the second signer.

f)               Aaron Brown, Superintendent is authorized to apply for federal, state, regional and private grants that may benefit the school district to include obtaining state and federal surplus properties.

g)             Register Guard, Newspaper of record

h)             Insurance of record-PACE

i)               Dave Standridge, Business Manager is authorized to make interfund loans from the general fund to special funds as needed to be repaid by the end of the subsequent fiscal year June 30, 2014.

j)               US Bank, Siuslaw Valley Bank, and the local government investment Pool be depositories for school funds.

k)             Pauley- Rogers and Company will be the Auditor firm used for the 2013/2014.


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Austin Bloom and carried 5-0 to accept the 2013/2014 Organizational Chart.








d)    Contracts for 2013/2014


§  Lori (Crider) Barrong          Certified            AES 2nd Grade

§  Sid Baum                            Certified            CHS Second Language

§  Tami Bloom                         Certified            AES 6th Grade

§  Sean Bradshaw                   Certified            CHS SPED

§  Pat Dixon                            Certified            AES/CHS Music/Band

§  Tina Dworakowski              Certified            CHS YrBk, Photo, Art

§  Tracy Engholm                   Certified            AES/CHS Physical Ed.

§  Nicole Glenn                       Certified            AES Kindergarten

§  Brian Kau                            Certified            CHS Math

§  Jamie Ledgerwood              Certified            AES/1st Grade

§  Michele Kau                                    Certified            CMS/English, SS

§  Lisa Livelybrooks                Certified            CHS/CMS Science

§  Charles Lutsch                    Certified            CHS Social Studies

§  Melinda McGladrey              Certified            AES SPED

§  Carol May                           Certified            AES 4th Grade

§  Jodi Perry                           Certified            Counselor

§  Kim Ramp                           Certified            AES 3rd Grade

§  Hallie Roberts                      Certified            CHS/CMS English

§  Georgann Squire                Certified            SPED Director

§  Krissy Smith                                    Certified            AES Title/SPED

§  Sadie Thorin                       Certified            CHS Science


§  Sharon Annett                    Classified           Bus Driver

§  Kim Baune                          Classified           Office Aide

§  Barbara doughty                Classified           AES Library Aide

§  Cathy Glazier                      Classified           CHS Head Secretary

§  Mary Houle’                                    Classified           CHS Library Tech

§  Amber Husk                                   Classified           AES Custodian

§  Brenda Lovely                    Classified           Cook

§  Paula May                           Classified           SPED Aide

§  Lisa Mattox                          Classified           CHS Custodian

§  Debbie Mattson                   Classified           Bus Driver

§  Robin McCay                      Classified           Bus Driver

§  Patty Morrow                     Classified           CHS Instructional Aide

§  Diana Osibov                      Classified           AES Instructional Aide

§  Ashly Parker                       Classified           Head Cook

§  Don Wagner                       Classified           Bus Driver

§  Jim Willis                             Classified           CHS Maintenance

§  Kim Wilson                          Classified           CHS Office Aide/Aspire

§  Joyce Wood                                   Classified           Bus Driver


Moved by Jeff Ramp, seconded by Austin Bloom and carried 5-0 noting conflict with board members Jeff Ramp, Dean Livelybrooks, Troy Wilson and Doug Perry, who’s spouses are employed with the district.







e)     Board Meeting Schedule for 2013/2014


Moved by Doug Perry, seconded by Jeff Ramp and carried 5-0 to accept the attached Board Meeting Schedule as submitted reflecting location change to Lorane Grange on October, 14, 2013, January 13, 2014, and April 14, 2014.


VI         Discussion Items:


o   CHS/CMS Class schedule update

o   Board/District goals were discussed and further development will occur with Board members attending the first day of inservice.



VII       Items for Next Agenda


o   OSBA November Conference

o   Grange Water and Water Tower update

o   Goals

o   Property update



Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM