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SPECIAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES                                                                                  APRIL 30, 2014

Lorane Grange                                                                                                                                6:00 PM



6:00 PM                 Meeting was called to order by Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks at 6:04 PM.  Directors present were Jeff Ramp, Troy Wilson, Doug Perry, and Austin Bloom.  Staff present: Superintendent, Aaron Brown, District Service Manager, Lee Ann Hartwig.  Patrons: Susan Bowman, Marjorie Parry, Gary Thompson, Lou Hayes, Lil Thompson, Carol Morehead, Chris Leturno,  Linda deBos, Steve Wickwire Sr., Marilyn Cooper, Betty Willoughby, Nolan Scheid, Katie Scheid, Lynnette Scheid, Chris Boyle, Joe Weber, Kathleen Rackleff, Lorena Mitchell, Jeri Porter, Barbara Dare, Judie Brantley, Marty Eshleman, Donna Moore, Laurence Moore, Linda Wickwire, Michael Skeers, Katherine Morrow, Mara ?, Don Fast, Brian Overstake, Jay Bozievich, Eleanor Gollihugh, Robert Hartpence, Jim Annett, Paul Morrow, Beth Robinson, Pat Edwards, Jim Edwards, Roberta Miller, Marissa Cooper, and Brandy Dare,


                                    Action Items:


                                    Cheerleading for 2014/2015 postponed until next regular board meeting.


V               Discussion was held regarding three of the 4 RFP proposals submitted to the board.  (See attachments).


Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks requested from the patrons that if they had any further questions or concerns regarding the RFPÕs submitted to email Superintendent, Aaron Brown by May 8th at 5:00 so that it could be included in the board packets for the board meeting on May 12, 2014.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:05 PM









1)     Susan Bowman, IT Master Student dissatisfied with district after reviewing proposals she feels Lorane Committee or Nolan SchierÕs proposals are the two the board should consider.  She feels the 3rd proposal does not support Lorane.

2)     Linda DeBoss believes someone from the community should get the property she believes that the community has a great volunteer commitment.

3)     Steve Wickwire Sr, believes after reading the RFPÕs that Superior Electric does not offer a valid contract.  He was a licensed painter and in Superiors bid it identifies painting buildings as part of the payment to the district but does not identify comparisons of cost or exactly the quality that was to be offered.

4)     Jay Bozievich, County Commission, feels that NolanÕs proposal is best suited for the district as it supports the Lorane Community who feel their ÒHeart was ripped outÓ when the school was closed.  However the decision should support the whole district.

5)     Marissa McNutt Cooper was greatful for having 3 proposals to choose from and wants to see it go to the community, and to get a playground back for her children.

6)     Paul Marrow thought they were 3 great proposals.  Thought the district should make a decision that best impacts the community

7)     Pam Marra questioned the deed restriction and the longevity of a deed restriction.

8)     Carol Morehead, didnÕt want to see a deed restriction eliminate Adult Education.

9)     Nolan Schrier spoke felt Lorane was the coolest community, the Lorane School was the core of Lorane.  He feels his proposal would allow him to bring things to this town. In 20 years were going to be something.

10)  Jeri Porter, would love to see Lorane school work but how would it pay for itself.

11)  Joe Webber moved to the community 2 ½ years ago, the community is aging and has young kids.

12)  Brian Overstake moved to the Lorane area to start a family and doesnÕt believe the RFP from Superior Electric will benefit the community.

13)  Chris Leturno spoke regarding his proposal and that his intent is to support the community.

14)  Kathleen Ratcliff, wants to see the committee group get it.

15)  Lil Thompson wants to know how the community is going to afford to support the buildings.

16)  Beth Robinson thank the patrons for allowing her to work on the Lorane Committee proposal during her most busy time in Law school.  She hopes that the board will consider the RFP that most fits helping keep the Lorane Elementary for use in the community.