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Eugene, Oregon 97402

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Board Meeting March 14, 2011

Lorane Elementary 7:00 PM





6:30 PM Executive Session (Session under the Authority of ORS 192-660) (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations


7:00 PM Preliminary Meeting- Public Session


I Call to Order


II Agenda Review


III Public Comment on Non Agenda Items


IV Reports


a)                 Board Chair-Jeff Ramp

b)                 Superintendent- Susan Nakaba

c)                  Principal- Ron Osibov

d)                 Student Representative



V Consent Agenda


a)                 Action Items


         Approval of Board Minutes February 14, 2011

         Approval of Special Board Meeting March 2, 2011

         Approval of Check Register February 2011

         Approval of District Audit 2009/2010

         Approval of Retirement-Markay Wilson


The Superintendent recommends the approval of the above consent items as submitted to the board.


Moved by____, seconded by ____, and carried ____ to accept the February 14, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes, Special Board Meeting March 2, 2011, February Check Register 2011, CAL District Audit 2009/2010, and retirement letter, Markay Wilson.


b) Approval of Certified Staff from Probationary to Contract Status


          Michele Kau Middle School

          Melinda Matchulat Middle School

          Carol May Elementary

          Krissy Smith SPED Elementary


Moved by ____, seconded by ___, and carried ____ to accept the above Probationary Staff to Contract Status for 2011/2012.


VI Discussion Items:







Meeting Adjourned ________