85955 Territorial Road

Eugene, Oregon 97402

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BOARD MEETING                                                        MAY 24, 2012

Crow High School                                                         7:00 PM





7:00 PM     Special Board Meeting


                  I        7:00: Call to Order and Flag Salute


II       7:02: Opportunity for Community Input on Special Meeting Agenda: Future District Configuration, including which schools will remain open or closed (or be opened or closed) in the future.

         (3 Minutes per speaker (must sign) not to exceed 35 minutes total.  The first 11 speakers will sign in (as speakers) will be able to speak to the board.


III      7:35: Board Discussion and Vote on future district configuration.


Meeting will be adjourned at 8:00.



8:00 PM     District Budget Committee Meeting


                  I        Meeting Called to Order by Budget Chair- Don Gleason


                  II       Approval of Budget or Change in Budget Vote


Moved by ___,seconded by___ and carried ___ to accept the 2012/2013 Budget as submitted or with the following changes, presented by the Board to the budget Committee.


Meeting Adjourned at_____________