School District #66

85955 Territorial Road

Eugene, Oregon 97402

541/935-2100 Fax 541/935-6107


Board Meeting                                                           July 18, 2011

Crow High School                                                         7:00 PM




6:30 pm     Executive Session (Session under the authority of ORS 192-660) (1) Personnel (2) Negotiations (3) Student Complaint


7:00 pm     Regular Board Meeting


                  I        Call to Order/Flag Salute


                  II       Agenda Review


                  III     Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items



                  IV      Reports


a)             Student Representatives

b)            Principal-Ron Osibov

c)             Superintendent-Susan Nakaba

d)            Board Chair-Jeff Ramp



V       Consent Agenda


         a) Action Items


  Approval of Board Minutes June 13, 2011

  Approval of District Check Register June 2011


Moved by ____, seconded by____ and carried____ to accept the above June 13, 2011 Board Minutes and the June 2011 District check register as submitted to the board.



     b) Oath of Office-Doug Perry



     c) Election of Board Chair and Vice Chair


Moved by____,seconded by____, and carried____ to accept the nomination of ________as Board Chair for 2011/2012 school year.


Moved by____,seconded by____, and carried____ to accept the nomination of _________as Board Vice Chair for the 2011/2012 school year.


e)            Policy-JFG-AR Second and Final Reading


Moved by____, seconded by____, and carried ____ to accept the second and final reading of policy JFG-AR as submitted to the board.


f)              Contract Renewal/Approval


  Superintendent-Susan Nakaba-230 day

  Principal-Ron Osibov- 230 day

  Director Business Service-Lee Ann Hartwig -260 day

  Maintenance Supervisor-Mike Proffitt- 260 day

  Driver/Light Mechanic-Loyd Fultz- 260 day

  Maintenance-Jim Willis- 260 day

  Custodial-Larry Mueller- 260 day


Moved by____, seconded by____, and carried___, to accept the above Administrative Contract and 260 Day employee contracts as submitted to the board for the 2011/2012 school year.



g)            Approval of District Organization for 2011/2012


1)   Dave Standridge-Business Manager/Deputy Clerk

2)   Lee Ann Hartwig and Mike Proffitt/Asbestos Management

3)   Superintendent, Susan nakaba, School Principal, Ron Osibov, Director Business Service, Lee Ann Hartwig, Maintenance Supervisor, Mike Proffitt, Technology Director, Ken Hamilton designated as Supervisory, Confidential and/or Administrative employees to be exclusive from the bargaining unit.

4)   Joe Richards of Luvaas Cobb, Richards and Fraser, PC-Contracted Legal council.

5)   Superintendent, Susan Nakaba and Dave Standridge be authorized signatures on all district accounts.  If one of these persons is not available the board chair is authorized as the second signer.

6)   Superintendent, Susan Nakaba is authorized to apply for federal, state regional and private grants that may benefit the school district to include obtaining state and federal surplus properties.

7)   Newspaper of record-Register Guard

8)   Insurance of Record-PACE

9)   Dave Standridge is authorized to make interfund loans from the general fund to special funds as needed to be repaid by the end of the subsequent fiscal year June 30, 2012.

10)                  US Bank, Siuslaw Valley Band and the local government investment Pool be depositories for school funds.

11)                  Auditor firm for the district for 2011/2012 Pauley-Roger and Company.


Moved by____, seconded by,____ and carried____ to accept the District Organization Chart for 2011/2012 as presented above.


VI          Discussion Items:


   District Insurance on Lorane site  





             VII          Information Items


o   August 11, 2011 Board Meeting 7:00 PM Crow High School

o   School starts September 6, 2011

o   Dave Standridge, Business Manager

  Senate Bill 250 – Allows school districts to withdraw from Specified ESDs and reduces ESD funding.

  Senate Bill 452 –Redefines remote small elementary schools

  House Bill 5055 –Appropriates additional money from the Education Stability Fund



Meeting adjourned at ____________