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Board Work Session                                                   January 7, 2012

Crow High School                                                         9:00 AM







9:00 AM       I        Open Discussion on the following Items:


1)   RDI proposal/Public Process


o   Discussion regarding how process moves forward

o   Who will be on the CAL Visioning Committee

o   Blending subgroups of CAL Visioning Committee (VC) to explore scenarios

o   Subgroups with appointed “key communicator’

o   Post-sessions of 4-5 members ‘scenario budget committee

o   Web based survey(s) to get input on scenarios/budgets

o   ‘Marketing’ of scenario of choice, budget numbers, educational impact with each scenario




2)   Big Questions (Board identifies list of questions to address  all proposed scenarios)


Examples: How does scenario X affect the educational mission of the district?   


How can innovative educational model A be supported by this scenario?


How does scenario X affect the long-term enrollment trends in the district? How does it serve to stabilize or even increase districts current enrollment?




3)   Board comes up- with ‘seed scenarios,’ explores pros/cons of each scenario.


4)   Date for first CAL ‘VISIONING COMMITTEE’ (VC)


Proposed dates January 28, or February 18 (Saturdays)  (Need 4 different dates for meetings 1 of CAL VC).


CAL VC meetings January, February, March, open public input April (March/April) scenario heads, budget group meets), public meeting early-mid May)



Key communicators?  How to help them communicate?  They feed information to Sandra Larson or someone from FRR.