School District #66

85955 Territorial Road

Eugene, Oregon 97402

541/935-2100 Fax 541/935-6107



Board Meeting                                                                                    June 10, 2013

Crow High School                                                                                7:00 PM




6:00 PM          Executive Session (Session under the authority of ORS 196-600) (1) Personnel                         (2) Negotiations


7:00 PM          Budget Meeting 2013/2014


Meeting open for public discussion on the 2013/2014 Budget and adjourned at_______.


7:15 PM          Regular Board Meeting


                        I          Call to Order/Flag Salute


                        II         Agenda Review


                        III       Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items


                        IV        Reports


a)              Student Report/School Seismic Safety



b)             Principal, Ron Osibov



c)              Superintendent, Eileen Palmer



d)             Board Chair, Dean Livelybrooks



e)         Board Goals Update











V          Action Items:


a)              Consent Agenda


¤  Approval of Board Minutes May 2013

¤  Approval of District Check Register May 2013

¤  Approval of Revised District Calendar

¤  Approval of Senate Bill 290 (Administrative/Teacher Evaluation)

¤  Approval of Achievement Compact


Moved by ___, seconded by___, and carried___ to accept the consent agenda as submitted to the board.


b)             Approval of the 2013/2014 CAL School Budget


Moved by___,seconded by___, and carried____ to accept the 2013/2014 School Budget as submitted to the board by the Budget Committee.


c)              Contract Renewal/Approval


¯  Maintenance Supervisor/Mike Proffitt-260 Days

¯  District Service Manager/Lee Ann Hartwig-260 Days

¯  District Secretary/Donna Willits-190 Days

¯  District K-12 Principal/Ron Osibov-230 Days


Moved by____, seconded by____and carried____ to accept the contract renewals on the above Licensed Administrative and Non Licensed Administrative staff.


d)             Approval of Extra Duty Contracts for 2013/2014


¯  Bruce Eien              Head Football Coach       2,500.00

¯                                Asst. Football Coach       1,500.00

¯  Michele Kau                        Volleyball Coach                         4,006.48

¯                                MS Volleyball Coach           500.00

¯  Steve Grube           Cross Country                2,500.00

¯  Steve Grube           Head Track Coach          2,500.00

¯  Ethan Thom                        MS Track Coach                           500.00

¯  Michele Kau                        Asst. Track Coach           1,500.00

¯  Ken Eastlick                        Varsity Basketball            2,500.00

¯  Amy Parsons          Varsity Basketball            2,500.00

¯  Pat Dixon                Music Programs                          3,214.00

¯  Sadie Thorin           Jr. Class Advisor                         1,066.77

¯  Lisa Livelybrooks    Jr. Class Advisor                         1,066.77

¯  Billy Anderson        Athletic Director                        10,000.00

¯  Tina Dworakowski  Annual Advisor              1,531.00


Moved by____, seconded by___, and carried ___, to accept the Extra Duty Contracts as submitted to the board.





                        VI        Discussion Items:


1.     July 2013, Board Meeting?



2.     CHS Cheer Leader Squad








                        Meeting Adjourned at:_________________